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Situated in Cape Town, South Africa, this is the home of beautiful, elegant and graceful Chinese Crested Dogs.  My name is Nicolette, owner of the Kennel and breeder of the magnificent and scarce Chinese Crested Dog. I fell in love with this breed many years ago after seeing this dog in a movie and that was where my search began.

Since then, I have searched far and wide, and I found my little Lola, and the saying goes; "Chinese Cresteds are like chips, you can't have only one!" That is when I decided to import my own dogs, to start my kennel to improve the breed in South Africa and to make people more aware of this very scarce dog.

I have done extensive research on this particular breed to see which bloodlines and kennels are the best, which dogs meet the breed standards and which dogs is show quality.  I have imported dogs from the Ukraine, from Alla Klen, owner of kennel Dom Risorto, as well as boy from Norway (his mother is Chinese Crested World Winner 2013!!!) from Kennel Moelmo, which is run by a wonderful lady named Monica Moen!

I have recently imported another male (Logan) from Latvia from my dear friend Diana Romenkova, owner of world famous Golden Diamond Chinese Cresteds  and has produced many champion dogs accross the world!  Logan's father is the world famous Legends Men in Black, or as some might refer to him "Mr Wonderful".   I have also imported a stunning little girl (Scarlett) from kennel Pretty Sweet in Czech Republic.  The owner of the kennel is Iveta Knotkova, and she is a dear friend who puts a lot of love and effort into her breeding, and she carefully selects the parents of her litters in order to enhance the breed and to produce high quality puppies.

My dogs have bloodlines from some of the Top Kennels in the world and are of the highest quality, KUSA registered and raised in the most loving home. I only place my puppies in approved homes, and to people who have time to groom and care for these dogs. Chinese Crested dogs are fantastic dogs, as they shed absolutely no hair; they have no fleas, and are perfect lap dogs and companions. They are great with children as well as with other pets, and they have superb temperaments. All my dogs are sold on contract basis and will be KUSA Registered.  For more info on our dogs, or if you wish to own one of these magnificent dogs, or to be placed on the waiting list, please Contact Us.

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